How to advertise on Facebook for FREE

Advertising on Facebook is not so hard if you know how to start and what is your goal.

There is two ways of advertising on Facebook payed and free. Depends on your needs and what result you want to get bought of ways are efficient if you do it on right way.

A lot of people have their focus on payed advertising, but from my experience free advertising can do even better than paid advertising.

So, let’s start from beginning.

  1. Facebook account is very powerful media. Facebook is social network of course, but you may use advantage of friendships and you may connect with a lot of people from your niche where you may find partners and customers.
  2. You can advertise directly from Facebook account by updating your status on your wall. And if you provide interesting updates you can get a lot of followers just by updating statuses on your wall.
  3. Next thing you can do is to become member of many groups with your niche. There you will find a lot of members who already looks for information you have, posting to groups is free and with right posts and comments, you may get attention to potential customer.
  4. Create your own group on Facebook. Invite all your friends, followers and tell them to invite all who are interested in your niche. After some time your group will be the most powerful media for advertising.
  5. Create your own Facebook page and create new audience for your product.

There is a lot of things here and you need to manage them all at once, so your free advertising will have sense. And with Total Auto Poster you may do that very easily.


  1. Total Auto Poster will post instead of you in every group if you are a member of it(open, closed, secret). On this way you will avoid long day with copy/paste your posts to groups. It is not hard to post to 10 groups daily, but if you are a member of 200, 300, 1000, 5000 groups that is “mission impossible”. With Total Auto Poster you will schedule your post and then you can even turn off your PC, laptop or mobile and poster will still work for you.
  2. Total Auto Poster will maintenance your Facebook group and will follow comments, likes and posts on it with auto-reply and mass comments. So your group will be very active and attractive to other members.
  3. Total Auto Poster will maintenance your Facebook page with chat-bot, auto-reply, auto mass comments, mass conversation. On that way your rating of page will be high and with rating more followers and also your income.

You may check how this tool works here:

password: demoposter

It is demo, and some functions are restricted but you may see how it looks.

And if you need some more details about it you may contact me on:







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