How to advertise on twitter

If you want to advertise your business on the internet you need to have twitter account.

Twitter is social network with huge timeline where all users write about everything, for example what are they doing now, how they fill, where are they going, and owners of business are writing about their products, offers, promos.

Power of Twitter is in followers. In order to get them you need to:

  1. Provide value to your customers in each of your tweets. Don’t just advertise, teach them, and explain what your product can do for them.
  2. Hold giveaways. Everyone like gifts, this is nice way to get more followers.
  3. Provide customer support on Twitter. Be very supportive and fast reply to mentioned tweets will show all other followers how are you serious about your business, and you will earn more followers and finally customers too.
  4. Look for feedback from your customers. Product review is very important for potential customers and actually that is the best ad for any product. Always ask for feedback from your customers, on that way you are showing to them and to others that you take care for them, and you are increasing their trust in you.
  5. Post interesting related content. Twitter is not business network, but social network. From time to time you should tweet some interest post non related to your product, but of course not too much. Just a little to get some retweet and maybe some follower.
  6. Retweet interesting tweets from your followers and other users on twitter. Grab attention from other users. Don’t worry, even if you will just advertise them you will get you part of cake with that retweet. They can feel special, and more connected with you, so next time they will easier retweet your tweet.
  7. Use hashtags.  This will help you join the larger conversation on Twitter. Also, since hashtags are searchable, this will increase the outreach of your tweets

HOW TOTAL AUTO POSTER can help you in advertising on twitter

  1. With Total Auto Poster you may send direct message to users
    You don’t need to log in to twitter for sending messages, while you are monitoring all other social networks you can send message to users.
  2. You may send mass message to all of your followers
    Beside users one by one, you can send one message to all of your followers with single click, and still monitoring your other ativities
  3. You have option for mass retweet and reply
    Another great option from this tool. If you want something to announce to every tweet personally normally you will go tweet by tweet and doing retweet/reply. With single click all is finished in second
  4. Twitter Scrapper
    Find other users and tweets related to desired keyword, and increase your appearing on twitter combining all other option available to you by this tool.

You may check how this tool works here:

password: demoposter

It is demo, and some functions are restricted but you may see how it looks.

And if you need some more details about it you may contact me on:



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