What is wrong with your advertising?

First let me tell this to you.

I have over 400 groups on my account and I have notice very low traffic from advertising in it. I have found the reason and solution for that. Take your time and read article to the end and follow my instructions.

When you use automated tool for posting, in our case Total Auto Poster very often you forget or just do not check your groups, that is big mistake and will see why.

Before joining to group where you intend to advertise with Total Auto Poster you need to check does the admin allows posting ads to his group, and of course is that group related to your posts.

After this check all of us think that after joining to that group we do not need to follow what is going on in future. A lot of admins very often do some changes on their group:

This will not affect much on our work but you may feel some difference in your advertising

  • Change rules

This could affect very much on our work, it depends what is changed

  • Forbidden poster tool

This change can hurt a lot our accounts and work, and you should immediately leave that group

  • Change posting on manual approval by admin

This change means good buy to that group, because you need to wait admin for approval which can be never

  • Block posting for every member

This kind of group is obviously just loosing your time. What you need from group where you can’t post your ad.

At least once in a month you should check your groups here:


Scroll down to groups where you are a member and pay attention to some details:

This is from my account on link above. I was surprised when I saw this statistic for some groups.

This groups where checked manually when I joined to them and all of them were for advertising with 10k+ members. But check marked groups on image above.

If I know that I didn’t visit those groups, and I know that I send to them my ads via Total Auto Poster, and also I am aware that there are 10k+ members in those groups how is it possible that I have 0 UNREAD POSTS?

Where are the posts from other members?

When I visited those groups I could see different reasons for this, and all of them are explained above in this article and of course most important thing I did not have any post published in those groups.

Solution? Do not waste your time and leave those groups and find other which will publish your ad.


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